Advocates(lawyer) in Poland

Advocate in Poland is a lawyer providing legal aid, in particular in the area of providing legal advice, drafting legal opinions, drafting legal acts and appearing before courts and offices. Attorneys in Poland are commonly called (though imprecisely) lawyers. In Poland, the profession of an advocate is governed by the Law of 26 May 1982 on the Advocates.

Professional requirements of an advocate in Poland

An advocate in Poland can practice his profession in advocacy teams or individually (also in the form of commercial partnerships). Applicants for a advocate in Poland must have a law degree, a lawyer's practice (so called application) and pass advocate’s exam. Persons who hold the academic title of the professor or doctoral degree in the field of legal science are exempt from the necessity of application and advocate examination in Poland.

Related professions

A legal advisor and tax advisor professions are related to an advocate in Poland. The main difference between legal advisers and advocates in Poland is the possibility of providing legal assistance in the employment relationship and also as of 1st of July 2015 the possibility of serving as a defense counsel in criminal proceedings. The existing division into two corporations is considered artificial. For this reason, the concept of mergers of solicitors with lawyers in one joint corporation is put forward.

Right to practice this profession has the one who is included in the list of legal advisers by the regional chamber of legal advisors.

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