Professional requirements of legal advisor(lawyer) in Poland

Legal advisor is a lawyer who provides legal service consisting in providing legal aid, preparing of legal opinions and drafting legal documents, as well as representing his clients before courts and authorities, including representation before the Supreme Court, the Constitutional Court, the Supreme Administrative Court , the Court of Justice of the European Union and the European Court of Human Rights. There are no restrictions as to the entities for which legal advisor(lawyer) in Poland can provide legal assistance. In Poland this profession is regulated by Law on legal advisors.

Legal advisor(lawyer) in Poland may pursue his profession as an employee, on a civil contract, in own legal advisor's office or in legal companies, where shareholders, partners or general partners are legal advisers, lawyers, patent attorneys, tax advisers and foreign lawyers performing practice in Poland. The sole object of these companies may be providing legal assistance.

Legal advisor(lawyer) in Poland must have a Masters of Law title from polish university or equivalent studies abroad. He must also enjoy full public rights and have full legal capacity. In addition he have to undertake legal training in Poland (so-called application) and pass legal advisor exam. The application lasts three years and is run by the regional chambers/bar of legal advisers. This exam has 5 parts and consists in solving the task of the criminal law, marital or family status, economic, administrative and rules of professional conduct or ethics. A person who has passed a legal advisor in Poland exam may start his practice after taking the oath. Those holding the title of a professor or a postdoctoral degree in law are exempt from having to complete the application and passing the exam legal.

Right to practice this profession has the one who is included in the list of legal advisers by the regional chamber of legal advisors.

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