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We provide services to anyone looking for ancestors in Poland. We have access to a rich set of general and specialized Polish databases containing information particularly useful in a genealogy. They contain information from Polish Civil Status Offices, state archives and church archives. We have access to birth, marriage and death certificates issued even 100 years or more in the whole of Poland by the offices and parishes and religious communities of different denominations containing population records (eg Cracow, Poznan, Lublin and Lodz), registered books, mortgage and notarial records. It includes names, surnames, date and place of birth, marriage, death and, in some cases, wills.

Looking for ancestors in Poland and establishing a family tree is never easy. Polish databases and registers are not homogeneous. It is like that due to the territorial losses after World War II as well as the War itself. Also it ensues form partitioning into 3 legal systems - Austrian, Prussian and Russian before 1918.

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Ancestors from Greater Poland Voivodeship (Poznan)

Greater Poland and especially Poznan has its own archive - State Archives in Poznań, with its approximately 1.17 million archive units, holding unique and valuable historical sources depicting both the history of Poland and the development of European civilization.

Ancestors from Kujawy region(Bydgoszcz,Torun,Inowroclaw,Wloclawek)

Torun and Bydgoszcz within the framework of a joint genealogical project of the State Archives have created archive with documents concerning the inhabitants of the Kujawsko-Pomorskie voivodship.

Ancestors from Bug river region(Galicia)

The Main Archives carried out a scanning of the Bug River records - records and civil records from the years 1590-1911 from eastern Galicia. It contains over 5800 metric books from the eastern pre-war regions of Poland, among others from the province Lviv and Volhynia.

Administrative districts in Poland during partitioning

During partitioning (1795-1918) Poland was divided into the following parts:...


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